Paul (Gassios) of Chicago

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Archpriest Paul Gassios is a priest in the Bulgarian Diocese of the Orthodox Church in America.


Paul was born into a Greek Orthodox family. In the mid-1980s he became a member of the OCA.

He received a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University before studying at St Vladimir's Seminary, graduating with a Master of Divinity in 1994.

He served in the Diocese of the Midwest - first at St Thomas the Apostle Church in Kokomo, for 11 years, and then at Archangel Michael Church in St Louis for 7 months. In 2007, he was transferred to the Bulgarian Diocese (OCA) and assigned Dean of St George Cathedral in Toledo.

On October 7, 2014, at the Diocesan Assembly, he was nominated to fill the vacant seat of Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest.


Midwest Diocesan Assembly nominates Archpriest Paul Gassios for vacant Chicago See