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Hello, my name is Philip Harwell. Well, specifically, Philip Andrew Harwell, but I go by Phil. Plenty of folk call me Philip, though. I acknowledge both variants. Additionally, to my chagrin, there are those who spell my first name as Phillip. I have long since relegated this action to "mild irritant" status, and make no statistically significant effort to correct it.

This is the extent of the autobiographical data I am prepared to offer at this time. I have begun to write my full autobiography, however -- not because I feel my life is important enough to do so, but because my memory is becoming increasingly bad, and I want to write down what I can before I forget it (and have others fill in the already too-numerous gaps where I have already forgotten things). It's more of an act of self-preservation rather than self-commemoration. My memory is going fast, and it's scaring me. As of this writing (January 21, 2013), I am only 34.

I have a personal website, if you're interested: It is still there, however, even if you're not interested.