Theodosius I of Alexandria

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His Beatitude Theodosius I of Alexandria was the Patriarch and Pope of the Church of Alexandria in 536. Patr. Theodosius was a member of the non-Chalcedonian party. Although initially recognized by Emperor Justinian I and the Melkites/Orthodox, his adherence to the Miaphysite theology soon led to his rejection by the Chalcedonian party.


His early life is largely unknown. Elected as successor to Timothy IV, he was initially recognized by the emperor Justinian I and the Chalcedonian party. As he adhered strongly to Miaphysitism, he soon was rejected by the Church of Alexandria and was exiled by the emperor Justinian in 536. He was succeeded as patriarch by Gainas.

With his deposition, the church in Alexandria formally split with the Chalcedonian party, continuing as the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and the non-Chalcedonian party as the Coptic Church.

While in exile in Upper Egypt Theodosius continued as the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church until his death on June 5, 567. His successor was Peter IV. Theodosius is commemorated in the Coptic Synaxarion on the 28th day of Ba'unah (June 5).

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Theodosius I of Alexandria
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