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Justification for changing a bunch of Monastery article titles is threefold and, to an extent, interweaving.

  • Style Guide states that article titles are to be 'St.', not 'St' or 'Saint' or 'S'; hence, a number of Australasian monastery articles have been moved from 'St' to 'St.'
  • Standard abbreviation for Saint in Australia is 'St' (as the abbreviation ends with the last letter, a period is deemed unnecessary); hence, in an article about monasteries in Australia, the standard abbreviations of the country should be used when necessary.
  • Aesthetic purposes - ROCOR Male Monastery line is too long, and should be shortened (note shortenings 'Lady of Kazan' and 'Presentation'.

Hope this clarifies. Pistevo 22:27, 2 November 2005 (CST); edited links and name May 13 2006.