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Other Orthodox Rites

This article only deals with two Typikons and their latter revisions. I was wondering about the other Orthodox Rites. Such as the Eastern Rite (i.e. the Hebraic or Syrian Liturgy of St James) as prayed by the Orthodox Patriarchates of Jerusalem and Antioch before they abandoned it for the Central Constinpolitain Typikon. And the Southern Rite (i.e. the Coptic Liturgy of St Mark) as prayed by the Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. The Roman Orthodox Rite, the Western Rite or Liturgy of St Gregory the Great has it's 'Ordo' which I believe is equivalent to the Typikon, but what about the Gaulic Rite Liturgy of St Germanus or the Mozabraic Rite of Orthodox Spain. Since the Typikon is so specific doesn't it mean that each Rite, or even variation of a Rite, needs it's own Typikon or Ordo. For instance, Fr O'Grady's [1] says that a major part of making the Typikon work in America is providing for the veneration of American saints. So, if you follow me, the East Roman (Greek) and Slavic Orthodox traditions follow bassicaly the same Rite, but it has Jerusalem, Constinpolitain, Russian, and now American variations, each, supposedly, with their own Typikon.

I would like to see more about the Typikons of the Eastern Rite (Antiocene Liturgy of St James) and the Southern Rite (Coptic Liturgy of St Mark). --Ryan Close 13:53, September 16, 2009 (UTC)


I would suggest that both the note, and the first two links regarding Holy Week belong in the Holy Week article, and not here. Frjohnwhiteford 19:58, April 3, 2007 (PDT)