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The listing at the Orthodox Research Institute has the date of consecration as July 14, 2002. Is there a conflicting source for the October 27 date? Would the consecration and installation have happened separately? —magda (talk) 08:41, September 3, 2007 (PDT)

I can't defend my date! I tossed all my notes for preparing the article and don't remember where I got it. SInce the diocese site didn't include his installation date I may have tried to get a date off some of the Romanian language sites. A guess! Since the Institute has a date that should be firm, I think we should use it. By the way I'm glad to see you back. You and Gabriella keep me honest!!!Wsk 16:20, September 3, 2007 (PDT)

Well, if you're going to point me in the Romanian direction... The second of the two external links I posted (which has a typo of "iunie" for "iulie," Fr. Peter believes) also points out that our seminary friend Dan was a reader there! It's good to be back among friends on the wiki! —magda (talk) 17:24, September 3, 2007 (PDT)