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Do we need a Luther article?

Is Orthodoxwiki an encyclopedia of Orthodox topics or an Orthodox perspective on all topics of interest to those within the Church and those without, whether Roman Catholic, Protestant, or non-believing?

For inquirers to Orthodoxy who might turn to Orthodoxwiki, we have the opportunity to provide a concise review of Luther and Lutheranism, providing outside links of interest, to explain the Church's true teachings on the issues he misunderstood.

Thoughts? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by CircularReason (talkcontribs) .

See: OrthodoxWiki:Style_Manual#Types_of_Articles
OrthodoxWiki's purpose is to be an encyclopedia of Orthodox Christianity, not a compendium of articles written by Orthodox Christians on various topics (even religious) without direct relation to Orthodoxy. An article on the relations between Orthodoxy and the Lutheran churches would be appropriate (e.g., covering the correspondence between Tubingen and Constantinople), but one on Martin Luther would not, since he had no actual connection to Orthodoxy. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 19:49, June 19, 2010 (UTC)