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I would be interested if you have anything definite about Fr George ceasing to be exarch in 1953.

I am having difficulty obtaining reliable information on this point. It may take a couple of months to gather enough to come to a reliable conclusion.

I suspect however, that for a while there may have been two exarchs in Australia at the same time, one in Melbourne (Fr George Haydar), and one in Sydney, with exarchial duties centred at the parish each served, with the only real boundary being the NSW/Vic border. But even that border was iffy, since both went to Albury on the border at different times according to ability.

Generally speaking, Antiochian Orthodox priests tried to be agreeable and not worry too much about formalities. They would make mutual decisions on what was sensible at the time, rather than on hard and fast rules, or lines drawn on maps.

chrisg 2006-05-27-2335 EAST

I don't; I only did that on the basis of Archim. Anthony (Woolf) coming as Patriarchal Exarch (which would, therefore, supersede a mere Exarch) - as you can see, not terribly substantial. As I said on your talk page, I'm trying to piece things together.
If the information at hand tells us that there were two exarchs at the same time, then I'm of the opinion that that should be put down (perhaps with a note that such a thing is uncertain), and the succession should note that. Right now, it's just totally confusing... — sτévο, at 09:04, May 27, 2006 (CDT)