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Converting Wikipedia articles is always difficult, but this one made me wish I hadn't started. This one has a lot of "debunking" going on, which I'm not sure is entirely necessary. I don't think we need to remove all the debunking material, but I think it might be helpful for someone to put in some more material that specifically shows why the Church considers him a saint. --Basil 21:48, 23 Jan 2005 (CST)

I agree. I've added an "Orthodoxize" tag in the mean time. I'll try to do some research into the life of Constantine later, but for now, I'll try to remove some of the "debunking" material because much of it is not befitting of a saint. Also, I noticed that your comment was made in 2005. These fixes may be 10 years late, but it's better late than never! - Marra 18:16, May 20, 2015 (PDT)