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Hi! I am new in this wiki and I am Greek. I would like to add some information regarding Archbishop Christodoulos but I am not sure what is appropriate to post here. Archbishop Christodoulos is very charismatic and is often involved in political issues (he inclines to the nationalist wing of the greek conservative party).He has certainly used his virtues for the benefit of the greek othodox church (Were a tamer archbishop the head of the church, the recent reform of the greek constitution would undoubtly lead to the secularisation of the greek state) . However there are some controversies regarding speeches, actions and affiliations. (Some of them are regarding an anti-american speech after 9/11 attacks(which were retracted 5 years later),xenophobic content of preachment, participation in the organisation of fraudulent charities and affinity to the military regime of 67-74 and to persons involved with drug and gun smuggling and a major judge bribing scandal.) Does this information (backed up approriately with citations) belong to the wiki or a milder, more lenient approach is preferable? Spamwithmustard

Thanks for asking first, though you should always feel free to edit articles. About your question- I'd say go for it, given that you do so in a balanced way (with the proper citations and not in an openly hostile manner). I would add a new "Criticisms" section for this and write it very passively, like "Christodoulos has been criticized by some for what they see as his political agenda (citation, further explanation), his outspoken anti-American statements, and supposed participation in fraudulent charities," etc. The more information and links to back up your writing, the better.

Basically, we want to provide both sides of the controversy without slandering the archbishop. Do your best, and I'm sure others will edit it. Gabriela 20:56, November 10, 2006 (PST)