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There is a template Template:OrthodoxyinAfrica linking to Chad. Should this page be renamed? to Chad of Lichfield? - Andrew 12:44, June 8, 2007 (PDT)

The title of the page Chad reflects the name of a country in Africa although the content on the page is about the Archdiocese of Cameroon (as the Alexandria Pariarchate names it) that covers more than one country. As the template OrthodoxyinAfrica lists countries, i. e., political intities, that generally have no unique Orthodox notability, it is an anomoly in Orthodoxwiki. The various dioceses of the Patriarchate are listed elsewhere in Orthodoxwiki and should be used for theological notability. The general listing of countries that are political entities, in a world view, is the world of Wikipedia. We, on Orthodoxwiki should only cover those political entities that have a significance to Orthodoxy. Or else we become a junior Wikipedia!! I recommend the Chad page be deleted abd the template be modified Wsk 17:36, August 7, 2008 (UTC)