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This article needs to be renamed. Right now, it only deals with the Russian history. Any ideas where this material should be put? — FrJohn (talk)

I don't believe the application of the title of Bishop of San Francisco is appropriate until Auxiliary Bishop Alexis (Panteleev) was consecrated Bishop of San Francisco in 1927, the first bishop of San Francisco in the Russian Mission/Metropolia.

The titles of the various bishops of the Russian Mission are recorded in the OCA history (Orthodox America 1794-1976 Development of the Orthodox Church in America, C. J. Tarasar, Gen. Ed. 1975, The Orthodox Church in America, Syosett, New York).

The title of the bishops heading the Russian Mission especially after it was formally made a diocese was only with a broad area name, i.e., Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska Nestor, Vladimir, Nicholas, Tikhon), Aleutian Islands and North America (Tikhon and after). Auxiliary bishops were given titles of towns and cities. Also, while Archbishop Theophlius was Bishop of San Francisco from 1931 to 1934, he was Metropolitan of All America and Canada until his death.

I am basing this on the above referenced document. Perhaps this could be checked with the OCA archivist and the article then "corrected".Wsk 12:01, June 15, 2007 (PDT)