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Abigail - Wouldn't it be enough that one of King David's wives was named Abigail? From the Old Testament story, she was a righteous woman. Katjuscha 20:52, January 10, 2015 (PST)

Hannah - Samuel's mother's name. Just wondering now what the position of the Orthodox Church is on the Old Testament figures on this subject. Are the OT righteous considered saints? I'm also interested since I have one of these names myself. Katjuscha 20:56, January 10, 2015 (PST)

One more question - I see you have a good number of names that are listed as exclusively female, although they were originally male names (Allison, Sydney, Addison, Ashley, Aubrey, etc.). It seems strange then to be linking them up with female saints seems to be quite a stretch, if the point of this page is trying to match modern variations of names with established baptismal names. Katjuscha 21:05, January 10, 2015 (PST)

WRT Abigail: I've limited my listings to those who are actually commemorated by name - see for my citation of the Forefathers. If you can find a date of commemoration for Abigail, go ahead :-)
This answers your question on OT folk - some are recognised as saints (most obviously the prophets), some are not formally recognised.
The names listed as exclusively female are how they are used today (e.g. Hilary is generally a female name, even though historically it started off being male). If the name is commonly used for either boys or girls in modern usage - best example provided is Ashley - then it should be denoted '(m/f)'. Hope this makes sense :-) — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 00:00, January 11, 2015 (PST)