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St. Catherine's and St. Anthony's (external links on this page) monasteries are among the oldest monasteries in the world. This article says of St. Catherine's: "It has been called the oldest working Christian monastery, though St. Anthony's predates it, and the smallest diocese in the world." I think it's true enough to count them each "one of the oldest Christian monasteries." Once the St. Anthony's Monastery page is started, discussion should be held there. [[User:Magda|—magda (talk)]] 19:04, 26 Aug 2005 (EDT)

St Anthony's, near the coast of the Red Sea, is the oldest Christian monastery in the world

And this BBC page:

I agree with you; each of these old monasteries deserves its own entry/encyclopedia page. Thanks+

Recent discoveries at St Anthony's (news items - Aug 05)

Renovators in Egypt say they find oldest monk cell The cell, a building that served as the living quarters for monks, dates from between the fourth and fifth centuries (...) "It is the oldest physical evidence of a cell from that age ... It's the oldest in the Christian world," said Maximous, who works on restoring Coptic monuments. St. Anthony's Monastery (was) founded in the mid-fourth century.

Ancient Church Found Under Egyptian Monastery

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