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*[[Dalmatic]] - a wide sleeved tunic, slit up the sides. The normal eucharistic garment of the deacon. Decorated with two vertical bands connected by two horizontal bands (see [[clavis]])
*[[Maniple]] - a small thin band of cloth worn on the left wrist by clergy (subdeacon, deacon, priest, and bishop) at liturgy. Its purpose was originally to wipe the chalice with.
*[[Miter|Mitre]]- pointed cap with two peaks: front and back. Classified in later baroque Roman custom by three levels of decoration and costliness. Worn by bishops and abbots. Early English or medieval style is short, of decorated or undecorated linen; Roman style much taller, of rigid material.
*[[Orphrey]] - the gilded and embroidered bands of decoration on Western vestments, particularly the chasuble.
*[[Pallium]] - the narrow woolen stole granted to bishops of metropolitan rank and above in the Western church, and which denote their high authority. Derived from the himation, the Greek philosopher's mantle, also worn by ascetics in the early Church.

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