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Anatoly Chistousov

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The serving in Chechnya: tried to correct expression
== The serving in Chechnya ==
On March 21, 1994 he was appointed to help protopriest Peter Netsvetayev, the [[deanery|dean]] of orthodox churches of the Chechen Republic. Receiving the appointment fr. Father Anatoly at once departed to Grozny, where in that time it had been very dangerous.
Father Anatoly at once acquired the love at of parisheners of Michael Archangel church and inhabitants of the city of Grozny. Implicitly he executed obediences appointed by the dean, visited parishes for fulfilling church services, served reverentially, aspired as soon as possible to learn services.
In december December 1994 in Grozny large-scale war operation begunbegan. The temple appeared in epicentre of fights; one of the first shells desroyed the second floor of the church house, some shells got to the temple. But divine services proceeded already in the church cellar. Father Anatoly in the cassock went fearlessly among bullets and shells to soldiers, to the remaining inhabitants hiding in cellars of houses inhabitants who remained in the city, confessed, partaked, baptized. His cassock was shot through by bullets in several places, but he again and again went to those who waited for him.
Soon after the beginning of war operations protopriest Peter Netsvetayev left the flared city and his flock. Without puzzling, frFr. Anatoly, still the beginning priest, headed the parish. The city was in fire, bullets whished, terrible explosions of aviabombs sowed destructions, but frFr. Anatoly continued to stay with his flock. He helped both to Russian Russians and Chechens as he could, shared the last that he had. Under his management the temple in baptistery, the only remained premises of the church house, has been arranged. Services in the new arranged temple were made constantly.
Since March, 15th, 1995 he was appointed the rector of Michael Archangel church in Grozny and the dean of orthodox churches in Chechnya.

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