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{{Inprogress|Maraamu and Ixthis888}} ===1901+-1917===
*1901 Gabriel, abbot of St. Elias Skete, Mt. Athos, [[October 19]];
*1902 [[Jonah of Holy Trinity Monastery|Jonah]] (Peter in schema), founder of Holy Trinity Monastery in Kiev, [[January 9]]
*1915 [[Raphael of Brooklyn]]; Parasceve, Blessed of Diveevo, [[September 22]]; Gabriel, of Pskov-Eleazar Monastery and Kazan, [[September 24]];
*1917-40 [[w:Persecution of Christians in the Soviet Union|Persecution of the Orthodox Church in Russia]] begins, with 130,000 priests arrested, 95,000 of whom were executed by firing squad.
*1917 [[Alexis of Goloseyevsky|Alexis]], Venerable of Goloseyevsky Skete, Kiev Caves, [[March 11]], John (Gashkevich), archpriest of Korma, [[May 18]]; [[John Kochurov |John Kochurov of Chicago and St. Petersburg]], priest hieromonk, missionary, and hieromartyr, [[October 31]]; Sergius, Hieromartyr New, [[December 7]];
*'''September:''' Barsunuphius, bishop of Kyrilov, John priest, Seraphima, Abbess of Therapontov Convent, and Anatole, Nicholas, Michael and Philip, hieromartyrs, [[September 2]]; Pimen (Belolikov) bishop of Vernensk and Semirechensk, Sergius, Basil, Philip, Vladimir priests, New Hieromartyr, Meletius the martyr, [[September 3]]; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 6]]; Peter and Michael, priests, Alexander the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 7]]; Gregory the priest and Aleksander the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 9]]; Nicholas and Victor priests, Hieromartyrs, [[September 11]]; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 14]]; John, priest, New Hieromartyr, and Eudocia the martyr, [[September 15]]; Paul, Theodosius, Nicodemus and Seraphim, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 17]]; Alexis and Peter, priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 18]]; Constantine (Golubev), priest in Bogorodsk, and two others with him, New Martyrs, [[September 19]]; Alexander, Alexis, Constantine, John priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 21]]; Basil, deacon, New Hieromartyr, [[September 24]]; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 27]]; Prokopius, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 30]];
*'''October:''' Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 1]]; Demetrius the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 4]]; Constantine and Peter the priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[October 9]]; Philaret and Alexander priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[October 11]]; Simeon, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 15]]; Eugine the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 16]]; Neophit priest, New Hieromartyr, Hyacinth and Callistus the Martyrs, [[October 17]]; Alexis (Stavrovsky), priest in Petrograd, New Martyr, [[October 19]]; Nicholas (Liubomudrov). priest of Latskoye village, Yaroslavl, New Martyr, [[October 20]]; Euphrosyne (Mezenova) the Faster, schema-abbess of Siberia, [[October 12]]; Laurence bishop of Balakhninsk, Alexis priest and Alexis the Martyr. New Hieromartyrs, [[October 24]]; John the priest New, Hieromartyr, [[October 28]]; Nicholas the priest, Cosma, Victor, Naum, Philip, John, Paul, Andrew, Paul, Basil, Alexis, John, New Hieromartyrs, and Agaphia the martyr, [[October 29]]; Leonid the New Hieromartyr, [[October 31]];
*'''November:''' Alexander and Theodore priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 1]]; Bishop Victorin and Priest Basil Luzgin of Glazomicha, Constantine and Anania, priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 2]];
*'''December:''' Alexis, John, Alexander and Nicholas priests, Basil deacon and with him 10 Martyrs, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 4]]; Antonius priest, Andronic, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 7]]; Jacob and Alexander priests, Eugraph and his son, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 10]]; [[Theophanes (Il'minskii) of Solikamsk|St. Theophanes]], bishop of Solokamsk, (b. 1867), hieromartyrs of the Bolshevik Yoke, and with him 2 Hieromartyrs and 5 Martyrs, [[December 11]]; Sergy (Florinsky) of RakvereVladimir, Priest, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 16]]; Alexander, Nicholas and Sergius priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 17]]; Michael the priest, [[December 21]]; Saints of Ivangorod: Dimitry (Chistoserdov) and Alexander (Volkov) [[December 26]]; Alexander and Demetrius priests, [[December 26]]; Nikodim, bishop of Belgorod and Arcadius deacon, [[December 28]]; Euphrosyne Sergy (MezenovaFlorinsky) the Faster, schema-abbess of SiberiaRakvere, [[October 12December 30]];
===1919- 1936===*1919 Death of Saints of Tartu: Platon (Kulbush) bishop of Tallinn, Michael (Bleive) and Nicholas (Bezhanitsky) [[January 1]]; Andrew (Zimin), Archpriest, his wife Lydia, his mother-in-law Domnica, his two daughters and his servant Maria, of Ussurisk [[January 6]]; Nicholas, Theodore and Vladimir priests, Hieromartyrs, [[January 11]]; John priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 16]]; Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[January 18]]; Basil and Gabriel the priests, [[February 13]]; Nicholas, Saint [[May 5]]; Nicholas and Peter the priests, new hieromartyrs, [[June 7]]; Nicolas, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[March 13]]; Alexander, the New Hieromartyr and priest, [[March 17]]; Paul (Voinarsky) the Priest and brothers Paul and Alexis Kiryan, of the Crimea, new martyrs, [[March 29]]; Mitrophan, archbishop of Astrakhan, Leonty, bishop of Enotaeva, and those with him, New Hieromartyrs, [[June 23]]; Juvenal the deacon, [[July 20]]; Eudocia (Shikova) and Novices Daria (Timolina), Dar'ia (Siushinskaya), and Maria of Diveyevo, New Martyrs, [[August 5]] Basil and Parthenius priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 3]]; Nicolas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 19]]; Herman, bishop of Volsk, and Michael the priest, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 27]]; Eugraphus, New Hieromartyr, [[November 24]]; John, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 2]]; Vladimir, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 9]]; Tikhon, archbishop of Voronezh and with him 160 martyred priests, [[December 27]]; Nicolas the priest, New Hieromartyr,
*1919-1922 [[w:Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922)|Greco-Turkish War]]; [[w:Pontic Greek Genocide|Pontic Greek Genocide]] eliminates the Christian population of Trebizond.
*1920 Zenobius priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 10]]; John and Leontius priests, new hieromartyrs, Constantine deacon and with them 5 Martyrs, [[January 29]]; [[ Silvester of Omsk and Pavlodar|Silvester]] (Olshevsky), bishop of Omsk and Pavlodar, New Hieromartyr, [[February 13]], Methodius the new hieromartyr and Anastasia Andreyevna, fool-for-Christ [[March 1]], Vladimir the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[March 24]]; [[Nektarios of Aegina]]; Evmenios of Koudouma Monastery, [[July 10]]; Martyr Alexander the priest, [[December 28]]; Michael, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[May 11]]; Vladimir, priest New Hieromartyr, [[August 14]], Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 2]]; Andrew and Theophan, priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 3]]; Michael, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 1]]; Michael Lektorsky Archpriest in Kuban, New Hieromartyr, [[October 28]]; Andrew, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 3]]; Vladimir, priest, New Hieromartyr, and Ephrosia, Virgin-martyr, [[December 9]]; Alexander, priest, new hieromartyr, and John, Martyr, [[December 13]];*1921 Joseph Hieromartyr and with him 37 Martyrs, [[January 5]]; [[Methodius of Petropavlovsk|Methodius]] bishop of Petropavlovsk, New Hieromartyr, [[February 4]]; Demetrius priest and Anatolius the Martyrs [[February 6]]; [[Lyubov of Ryazan]], fool-for Christ, [[February 8]]; Gregory, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[March 13]]; Simon Shleev, bishop of Ufa, New Hieromartyr, [[July 6]]; Seraphim Bogoslovsky, Theognostus, and others of Alma-Ata, New Hieromartyrs, [[July 16]]; Archimandrite Sergius, and those with them, New-Martyrs, [[August 13]]; Vladimir amd Michael priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 3]]; Priest John Maslovsky of Verkhne-Poltavka, Amur, New Hieromartyr, [[September 7]]; Andrew, Gregory, Gregory, John priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[September 15]]; Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 14]]; Mathew, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 2]];
*1922 Paul and John priests, New Hieromartyrs, Peter, Nicholas, Auksentius, Sergius and Anastasia the Martyrs, [[April 27]]; Basil, Alexander and Christopher and Macarius, New Hieromartyrs and Martyr Sergius, [[May 13]]; Alexius Mechev, priest of Moscow, [[June 9]]; [[Veniamin (Kazansky)]], Metropolitan of Petrograd and Gdovsk, b. 1873, [[July 31]]; Anatole II (Potapov, the "Younger"), of Optina, New Hiero-confessor, [[July 30]]; Sergius the Archimandrite, George and John of Petrograd, new hieromartyrs, [[July 31]]; Mtr. [[Chrysostomos (Kalafatis) of Smyrna]], ethnomartyr <ref>Metropolitan and ethnomartyr [[Chrysostomos (Kalafatis) of Smyrna]] was canonise in 1993</ref> tortured, d.[[September 9]] (fd. [[August 27]]); Michael the Blessed of Chernigov, New Martyr, [[November 8]];
*1923 [[Alexis of Teklati|Alexis]] (Shushania), hieromonk of Teklati, Georgia, venerable, [[January 18]]; John, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[March 8]], Seraphim Nikolsky, Hieroschemamonk, new hieromartyr, [[May 31]]; Agafangel (Preobrazhensky) of Yaroslavl, [[October 3]], Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 3]];
*1928 Benjamin (Kononov) the Archimandrite and Nicephorus (Kuchin) the Hieromonk of Solovki, New Hieromartyrs, [[April 4]]; Nektarius Venerable of [[Optina Monastery]], [[April 29]]; Hierotheus, bishop of Nikolsk, New Hieromartyr, [[May 31]]; Innocentius the Hieromartyr [[December 24]], Lydia, and with her, soldiers Alexei and Cyril, New Martyrs, [[July 20]]; Maximus the martyr, [[July 31]]; Alexis, venerable hiero-schemamonk of Zosima Hermitage, [[September 19]]; Rachel, schem-anun of Borodino Convent, [[September 27]];
*1929 [[Peter of Voronezh|Peter]] archbishop of Voronezh, New Hieromartyr, [[January 25]]; Romanus, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 3]]; Theodore Korolev priest, New Hieromartyrs, Ananius Boykov and Michael Boldakov, the Martyrs, [[November 16]];
*1930 Peter priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 10]]; [[Benjamin of Romanov |Benjamin]], bishop of Romanov, New Hieromartyr [[January 15]]; Eugine the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[January 18]]; Nicholas priest, New Hieromartyr, [[January 19]]; [[Basil of Priluksk |Basil]] bishop of Priluksk, new hieromartyr, [[January 25]]; Maria of Gatchina, New Martyr, [[January 26]], Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[February 6]]; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[February 9]]; Peter and Valerian the, priests New Hieromartyrs, [[February 10]]; [[Alexius of Voronezh|Alexius]] (Buy), bishop of Voronezh, New Hieromartyr, [[February 12]]; [[Michael Piataev]] and [[John Kumin]] the priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[February 15]]; Alexander, Daniel and Gregory priests and New Hieromartyrs, [[February 21]]; Peter the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[February 26]]; Nicholas priest and New Hieromartyr, [[March 7]]; Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 5]]; Alexander, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[April 15]]; Basil Derzhavin, priest and hieromartyr, and lay people of the city of Gorodets, Nizhni-Novgorod, [[April 18]]; Maxim, bishop of Serpukhov, new hieromartyr, [[June 23]]; Alexander, George, John, John, Sergius and Theodore priests, Hieromartyrs, Tykhon, George, Cosmas, Euphimius and Peter the Martyrs, [[July 20]]; Anatole the New Hieromartyr, [[July 29]]; Nicholas Prozgrov, New Hieromartyr, [[August 4]]; Nicholas Prozorov the Priest, new hieromartyr, [[August 19]]; Alexander Jacobson, in Solovki, New Martyr, [[September 8]]; Benjamin, bishop of Romanovsk, New Martyr, [[September 22]]; John, New Hieromartyr, [[October 12]]; Valerian Novitsky, priest of Telyadovich, New Hieromartyr, [[October 15]]; John the priest , New Hieromartyr, [[October 29]]; Boris the deacon, confessor, Nicholas and Anna, the Martyrs, [[November 10]]; Michael the priest [[December 25]], Hieromartyrs Nicolas priests and Michael deacon [[December 26]]; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 3]]; Michael, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 25]];*1931 Victor priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 17]]; [[Athanasia of Zosima Hermitage|Athanasia]], (Lepeshkin) Abbess of Zosima Hermitage, New Martyr, [[January 25]]; Mitrophan, archpriest and New Martyr, [[February 12]]; [[Peter Lagov]], priest in Moscow, New Hieromartyr, [[February 16]]; Mitrophan Buchnoff, Archpriest in Voronezh, New Hieromartyr, [[March 9]]; Vladimir the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[March 21]]; Nicolas the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[March 28]]; Michael, saint, fool-for-Christ, [[April 1]]; [[Nicholas (Siimo) of Kronstadt|Nicholas]], priest of Kronstadt, [[April 5]]; Athanasia, the Abbess of the Smolensk Hodigitria Convent, near Moscow, New Martyr, [[May 12]]; Macarius, Dyonisius and deacon Nicholas, New Hieromartyrs, Martyrs Ignatius and Peter, [[May 28]]; Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[June 5]]; Nikon the Confessor, Venerable of [[Optina Monastery|Optina]], [[June 25]]; Anthony, archbishop of Archangelsk, New Hieromartyr, [[July 3]]; Euthymius the new martyr, [[July 6]]; Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[July 22]]; Vladimir, priest, and his brother Boris, New Hieromartyrs, [[August 16]]; Moses, Hieromartyr, [[August 25]]; Mary, Blessed of Diveyevo, [[August 26]]; Nicolas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[August 28]]; Irene, the Virgin-martyr, [[September 17]]; Valentine Sventsitsky, Priest in Moscow Nicholas Kazansky the Priest, New Hieromartyrs, [[October 7]]; Gregory the confessor, priest, [[October 16]]; Nicholas confessor and priest, [[November 4]]; Niphont the New Hieromartyr and Alexander the Martyr, [[November 10]]; Seraphim the New Hieromartyr, [[November 23]];*1932 Vladimir the confessor, priest, [[January 11]]; Alexander (Medvedsky) the priest, New Hieromartyrs, [[February 18]]; Vladimir, priest and Hieromartyr, [[February 18]]; Sergius the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[February 27]]; [[Papa-Nicholas (Planas) of Athens]], [[March 2]]; John the confessor, [[March 19]]; Nicholas bishop of Velsk, the New Hieromartyr and the martyr Mary, [[April 4]]; George (Lavrov) the Confessor, venerable archimandrite of Kaluga, [[June 21]]; Ignatius, Venerable confessor, [[September 15]]; Aretha the Venerable, [[October 24]]; Vladimir the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 22]]; John, confessor, [[November 23]]; Demetrius the priest, New Hieromartyr, and Vera, Venarable confessor, [[December 2]]; Elias, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 5]]; Ambrosius confessor, bishop of Kamenets-Podolsk, (b. 1878), [[December 7]];
*1933 Alexander, Stephen and Philippe priests, Hieromartyrs, [[January 4]]; Eugenia, the Virgin-martyr, [[January 5]]; Theodore the confessor, priest , [[January 28]]; Vladimir priest, new hieromartyr, [[January 30]]; Sergius priest, New Hieromartyr, [[February 26]]; Dimitry Ivanov, Archpriest in Kiev, New Hieromartyr, [[March 4]]; Patrikius the confessor, venerable, [[March 11]]; Alexander the confessor and priest, [[March 12]]; [[Stephen of Izhevsk|Stephen]] (Bekh), bishop of Izhevsk, New Hieromartyr, [[March 13]]; Micael the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[March 29]]; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 4]]; Arcadius the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 7]]; Sergius the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 8]]; [[Stephen of Izhevsk|Stephen]] (Bekh) bishop of Izhevsk, New Hieromartyr, [[April 13]]; Nicholas the confessor, priest, [[April 21]]; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[July 14]]; Nicholas,. saint priest, [[August 19]];
*1934 Sergius priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 5]]; [[Elias Chetverukhin]], priest of Moscow, New Hieromartyr, [[February 16]]; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 6]]; [[Victor of Glazov|Victor]], bishop of Glazov, New Hieromartyr, [[April 19]]; Cyprian the New Hieromartyr, [[June 3]]; Magdalena, schema-abbess of New Tikhvin Convent in Siberia, new hieromartyr, [[July 16]]; Alexis Medvedkov, archpriest of Uzine, new hieromartyr, [[July 20]]; John Pommer, archbishop of Riga in Latvia, New Hieromartyr, [[October 12]];
*1935 Michael, priest and confessor, new hieromartyr, [[April 17]]; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 15]]; Eugene (Zernov), metropolitan of Nizhni Novgorod, New Hieromartyr, [[October 30]]; Damascene, bishop of Glukhov (1935) and his father, priest Nicholas, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 4]];*1936 [[Theoktista of Voronezh|Theoktista]] Michailovna, fool-for-Christ of Voronezh, the New Martyr, [[February 22]]; Nicholas Kedrov the Priest, new hieromartyr, [[May 15]], Heraclius the confessor, New Hieromartyr, [[May 28]]; Agapitus the confessor, Venerable, [[July 5]]; Matrona Belyakova, fool-for-Christ of Anemnyasevo, New Confessor, [[July 16]]; Peter, metropolitan of Krutitsa, New Hieromartyr, [[August 29]]; Gregory the Cross-bearer, New Martyr, [[November 6]]; Victor, the Martyr, [[December 18]];
*1936-37 Many Russian Orthodox Clerics die in Joseph Stalin's [[w:Great Purge|Great Purge]].
*'''January:''' Victor the priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 8]]; [[Cyril of Kazan|Cyril]], metropolitan of Kazan, new hieromartyr, [[January 26]];
*'''October:''' Alexander, Gregory, Nicolas priests, New Hieromartyrs, John the martyr, [[October 1]]; Demetrius, Nicholas, Micael, Jacob and Tikhon priests, New Hieromartyrs, Basil the Martyr, [[October 4]]; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 6]]; Demetrius archbishop of Mozhaysk, Jonah bishop of Velizhsk, Hieromartyrs, Seraphim. Peter, Basil, Paul, Peter, Vladimir, Ambrosius, and Pakhomius priests, John the deacon, Victor, John, Nicolas, Elizabeth, Tatiana, Mary and Nadezhda, Nicholas, the martyrs, [[October 8]]; Constantine, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 9]]; Theodore (Pozdeev), archbishop of Volokolamsk, New Hieromartyr, [[October 10]]; Juvenalius (Maslovsky), bishop of Riazan, New Hieromartyr, [[October 11]]; Laurence the Venarable, [[October 12]]; Innocent and Nicolas, priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[October 13]]; Peter, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 14]]; Alexander (Shchukin) Archbishop of Semipalatinsk, New Hieromartyr, [[October 17]]; Andrew, Serius, Nicolas and Sergius priests, New Hieromartyrs, Elizabeth the martyr, [[October 18]]; Sergius the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 19]]; Herman, bishop of Alatyr, Zosima, John, John, John, Nicholas, Leonid, John and Alexander priests, Michael and Peter deacons, New Hieromartyrs, and Paul the Martyr, [[October 20]]; Paulinus, bishop of Mogilev, Arkadius, bishop of Ekaterinburg, and with them Anatolius, Nicander, Constantine, Sergius, Basil, Theodore, Vladimir, Nicholas, John, Basil, Alexander, Demetrius and Alexis the priests, Sergius and John the deacons, New Hieromartyrs, and Cyprian the Martyr, [[October 21]]; Seraphim archbishop of Uglich, German the archimandrite, Vladimir, Alexander, Basil, Alexander, Nicholas, Nicholas, priests, New Hieromartyrs, Herman, Gregory and Menas the Martyrs, [[October 22]]; Vladimir Ambartsumov, Archpriest in Moscow, Nicholas, Vladimir, Alexander, Nicholas, Emilian and Sozont, priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[October 23]]; John and Nicholas priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[October 24]]; Eugine priest, New Hieromartyr, and Anastasia the martyr, [[October 29]]; Vsevolod, Alexander, Sergius, Alexis, Basil priests, Anatolius, Euphrosynus, New Hieromartyrs, and James the Martyr, [[October 31]];
*'''November:''' Sergius, archbishop of Eletsk, Alexander and Demetrius priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Elizabeth the martyr, [[November 1]]; Basil, Peter, Basil, Alexander, Vladimir, Sergius, Nicholas, Vicentius, John, Peter, Alexander, Paul, Cosmas the priests and Simeon the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 3]]; Alexander, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 4]]; Gabriel, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 5]]; Nicitas bishop of Orekhovo-Zuev, Anatoly, Arsenius, Nicholas, Nicolas, Constantine priests, Barlaam, Gabriel, Gabriel, New Hieromartyrs, Nina and Seraphima the Hieromartyrs, [[November 6]]; Cyril (Smirnov) metropolitan of Kazan, Michael, Alexander, Aleksander, Michael, Aleksander, Nicolas, Alexis, Paul, Basil, Nicolas, Paulinus priests, John and Benjamin deacons, hieromartyrs, Nicolas, Gregory and Elisabeth the Martyrs, [[November 7]]; Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 8]]; Parthenius bishop of Ananiev, Constantine, Demetrius, Nestor, Theodore, Constantine, Victor, Elias priests, Joseph deacon and Alexis, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 9]]; Prokopius (Titov) archbishop of Odessa, Augustine (Belyaev), archbishop of Kaluga, Dionisius, John, John Peter and Ioanicius, the priests, New Hieromartyrs, Alexis, Appolon, Michael the Martyrs [[November 10]]; Eugene, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 11]]; Constantine, Vladimir, Alexander, Matthew, Demetrius priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 12]]; Demetrius, Alexander, Victor, Alexis, Michael, Michael, Theodore, Peter, Alexis, Sergius, Nicholas, Basil, Alexander, Nicholas, Demetrius, Demetrius, Porphirius, Basil, George, Basil, Sergius the priests, Nicholas the deacon, Aristrah, New Hieromartyrs, Gabriel and Anna, the Martyrs, [[November 14]]; Nicholas and Peter priests, Gregory and Nicitas deacons, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 15]]; John, Nicholas, Victor, Basil, Makarius and Michael priests, Panteleimon, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 16]]; Porphirius (Gulevich) bishop of Simpheropol an Crimeria, Ioasaph (Udalov) bishop of Chistopol, Barpholomeus (Ratnykh), monk, Vladimir Pischulin, Demetrius Kiranov, John Bliumovich, Nicholas Mezentsev, priest Thimoty Izotov, priests, Sergius, Michael, , John, Constantine, Alexander, Ignatius, Simeon, John, John, Demetrius, Jacob, Jacob priests, Ioasaph, Peter, Gregory, Benjamin, Gerasim, Michael, deacon Antonius (Korzh), New Hieromartyrs, Alexandra Valentine, Peter, Leonid, Thimoty the Martyrs, [[November 19]]; Macarius bishop of Ecaterinoslav, Alexis, Alexander, Vladimir, John, Alexis, Basil, Nicholas, John, Emilian, Nocolos priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Arsenius, Eutihius and Hillarion, Ioanicus the hegumen, Tatiana, Hieromartyrs, [[November 20]]; Alexander Khotovitsky of New York and Alexis Benemansky of Tver, priests and New Martyrs, [[November 21]];Iosaph bishop of Mogilev, John, Basil, Paul, Jacob, Theodore, John, Ilia, Alexis, Aphanasius priests and Gerasimus the New Hieromartyrs, [[November 22]]; Boris bishop of Ivanonsk, Eleazar Spyridonov of Eupatoria priest, Crimea and Martyr Alexander, New Hieromartyr, [[November 23]]; Eugine, Michael, Alexander, Alexis, John, Cornelius, and Metrophanes priests, New Hieromartyrs , and Virgin-martyr Anysia, [[November 24]]; Seraphim archbishop of Smolensk, Gregory, John, Basil, Cosmas, John, Simeon, Hilarion, Iaroslav, Alexander, John, Victor, Andrew priests and Martyr Paul, [[November 25]]; Nicholas, John, Gregory and Nazarius, Basil, Basil, Ilia, Basil, Daniel, Michael, Nicholas priests, Tikhon, Piter, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 26]]; Nicholas archbishop of Vladimir, Basil, Boris, Theodore, Nicholas, Alexis, John, Sergius, John, Sergius , Nicholas priests, , Ioasaf, Cronides, Nicholas, Xenophon, Alexis, Appolos, Seraphim, Nicholas, New Hieromartyrs, and John the Martyr, [[November 27]]; [[Seraphim (Chichagov) of Leningrad and Gdovsk |Seraphim (Chichagov)]], metropolitan of of Leningrad and Gdovsk, St. Petersburg, New Hieromartyr, Peter, Alexis, Alexis priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[November 28]]; John ,priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 30]];  *'''December:''' Constantine, Nicholas, Sergius, Vladimir, John, Theodore, Nicholas, John, Nicholas priests, Danact, Cosmas, New Hieromartyrs, Disappearance Theuromia, Tamara, Antonina, and Mary, Mary and Matrona the martyrs, [[December 2]]; [[Alexander Hotovitzky]], missionary of America, hieromartyr of Frthe Bolshevik yoke, (b. 1872 ), [[December 4]]; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr and Ecaterine and Cyra, Virgin-martyrs, [[December 4]]; Sergius, Michael and Sergius priests, Nicephore deacon and Galaction, New Hieromartyrs, and John the Martyr, [[December 7]]; Sergius, New Hieromartyr, [[December 8]]; Basil and Alexander priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 9]]; Anatolius, Alexander, Eugine, Constantine, Michael, Nicholas priests, Peter, Michael, Dorotheus, Laurentius, Gregory, and Alexandra, Tatiana and, Eudocia, new hieromatyrs, [[December 10]]; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 11]]; Vladimir, Alexander Hotovitzky, Jacob priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 13]]; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 14]]; Arcadius, bishop of Bezhetsk, and Elias, Paul, Theodosius, Vladimir, and Alexander, Peter priests, New Hieromartyrs, Makarius the Martyr, [[December 16]]; Peter and John, priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 17]]; Thaddeus (Uspensky), archbishop of Tver, Nicholas archbishop of Velikoustiuzh, James, John, Vladimir, and Nicolas the priests, martyredNew Hieromartyrs, [[December 418]]; Sergius the Hieromartyr, [[December 21]]; Leonidas bishop of Mariysk, Andrew (Ukhtomsky), bishop of Ufa, Alexander priest, Anthisa, Makaria and Valentina [[December 26]]; Martyr Antonina, [[December 27]]; Hieromartyrs Theoctistus, Leonid priests, [[December 28]]; Michael Hieromartyr priest [[December 31]];
*'''October:''' Ismael Rozhdestvensky, Archpriest in Strelna (St. Petersburg), New Hieromartyr, [[October 1]]; Maximilian the New Hieromartyr, [[October 14]]; Alexis, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 16]]; Peter the priest, New Martyr, [[October 24]]; Innocent the New Hieromartyr, [[October 31]];
*'''November:''' Evdokia the Virgin-martyr, [[November 3]]; Basil, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 6]]; Demetrius, Martyr, [[November 16]];Hieromartyrs Demetrius and Theodore priests [[December 22]]; Hieromartyr Nicetas bishop of Belevsk, [[December 21]]; Hieromartyrs Basil priest, Macarius and John, [[December 23]]; [[Isaac of Optina|Isaac]] II (Bobrikov, Nicholas the Younger), venerable archimandrite of [[Optina Monastery]]Martyr, [[December 26November 25]]; Gregory priestParaskeva, Hieromartyr, and martyrs Augusta and Mary, AgrippinaVirgin-Martyr, [[December 26]]; Hieromartyr Aretha priest, [[December November 28]]; Peter, Martyr, [[December 31]];
*'''December:''' Mary, Virgin-martyr, [[December 2]]; Nicholas and Alexis priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 10]]; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 13]]; Hieromartyrs Demetrius and Theodore priests [[December 22]]; Hieromartyr Nicetas bishop of Belevsk, [[December 21]]; Hieromartyrs Basil priest, Macarius and John, [[December 23]]; [[Isaac of Optina|Isaac]] II (Bobrikov, the Younger), venerable archimandrite of [[Optina Monastery]], [[December 26]]; Gregory priest, Hieromartyr, and martyrs Augusta and Mary, Agrippina, [[December 26]]; Hieromartyr Aretha priest, [[December 28]]; Peter, Martyr, [[December 31]]; ===1939+-1944===
*1939 Nicholas the priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 4]]; Basil, priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 7]]; Eugene the Schemamonk of Bielorussia, [[February 5]]; Parasceva, Martyr, [[March 26]]; John the Martyr, [[March 28]]; Eudocia the Martyr, [[April 7]]; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[May 9]]; Peter, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[May 14]]; Tavrion the New Hieromartyr, [[May 25]]; Peter the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[June 27]]; Theogenes, New Hieromartyr, [[June 30]]; Aleksander, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[August 27]]; Nicander the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 24]]; Vladimir, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 26]];
*1940 John, Martyr [[January 7]]; Theodore the Martyr, [[January 19]]; Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[January 20]]; Michael, New Hieromartyr and priest, [[March 15]]; John, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 23]]; Alexander archbishop of Kharkov, New Hieromartyr, [[May 11]]; Damjan (Damian) Strbac of Grahovo, Serbia, New Hieromartyr, [[May 18]]; Basil, priest, New Hieromartyr, and martyr Vera, [[June 1]]; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[June 13]]; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[June 25]]; Gregory the deacon, New Hieromartyr, [[June 28]]; Milan Popovic of Rmanj, Serbia, New Hieromartyr, [[June 30]]; Vladimir, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[August 27]]; Theodore, New Hieromartyr, [[October 1]]; Leontius the deacon, Hieromartyr, [[December 21]]; Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 12]]; Theodore, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 14]]; Bassian confessor, archbishop of Tambov, [[December 14]];*1941 Paul priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 4]]; Michael the confessor, priest, [[January 8]]; Paramon, Righteous of Belorussia, [[February 5]]; Andrew the Martyr, [[February 22]]; Sophia Schema-abbess in Kiev, New Martyr, [[March 22]], Martha the martyr, [[April 13]]; Alexander the confessor, priest, [[April 14]]; [[Sava of Gornji Karlovac]], Serbia, [[]]; Branko of Veljusa, Serbia, hieromartyr, [[April 24]]; John, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[April 27]]; Nicholas the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[May 3]]; [[Gorazd (Pavlik) of Prague]], martyred by Nazis; [[Platon of Banja Luka]], [[May 5]]; Vukasin, Martyr of Serbia, [[May 16]]; Valentine the New Hieromartyr, [[May 19]]; Milan Banjac and Milan Golubovic of Drvar, Serbia, New Hieromartyrs, [[May 26]]; [[Ioannicus of Montenegro and Littoral|Ioannicus]], metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral and [[Sava of Upper Karlovci|Sava]], bishop of Upper Karlovci, new Hieromartyrs, [[June 4]]; George of Serbia, new hieromartyr, [[July 4]]; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[July 27]]; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[July 31]]; Raphael of Sisatovac, Serbia, Hieromartyr, [[August 21]]; [[Petar (Zimonjić) of Dabar-Bosna]], [[September 4]]; John the Martyr, [[September 17]]; Nicholas the confessor, priest, [[September 25]]; Leonid the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 29]]; Leonidthe priest New Hieromartyr, [[October 30]] (?); Peter the Martyr, [[November 1]]; Ismail, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 4]]; Olga the Virgin-martyr, [[November 10]]; Sergius, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 14]]; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[November 28]]; Sergius, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[ November 29]]; [[Dositheus of Zagreb| Dositheus]], Metropolitan of Zagreb, Confessor, [[December 31]]; Gennadius, New Hieromartyr, [[December 5]]; Peter and Basil priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 7]]; Sergius Mechev of Moscow, Priest, New Martyr, [[December 9]]; John, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[December 11]]; Emilian and Basil, priests, New Hieromartyrs, [[December 13]];
*1941-45 Croatian [[w:Ustaše|Ustasa]] terrorists kill 500,000 Orthodox Serbs, expel 250,000 and force 250,000 to convert to [[Roman Catholic Church|Catholicism]]; Momcilo Grgurevic, Dobroslav Blazenovic, Milan Bozic, Mihailo Djusic, Jovan Zecevic, Bozidar Jovic, Bogdan Lalic, Trifun Maksimovic, Velimir Mijatovic, Bozidar Minic, Miladin Minic, Marko Popovic, Dimitrije Rajanovic, Budimir Sokolovic, Relja Spahic, Lazar Culibrk, Savo Siljac, Savo Skaljka, Milorad Vukojicic, Ratomir Jankovic, Mihailo Jevdjevic, Dusan Prijovic, Dobrosav Sokovic, Nestor Trkulja, Serafim Dzaric, Andrija Siljak, Slobodan Siljak, and Jovan Rapajic, New Hieromartyrs of Serbia, [[July 11]]; Simo Banjac and Milan Stojisavljevic and his son Martyr Milan of Glamoc, Serbia, New Hieromartyrs, [[July 21]]; Vukosav Milanovic and Rodoljub Samardzic of Kulen Bakufa, New Hieromartyrs, Serbia, [[July 25]]; New Martyrs of Jasenovac (Serbia), (1941-1945), [[August 31]];
*1942 John, Saint [[January 6]]; Michael, priest, Hieromartyr, [[January 15]]; Alexandra and Michael the martyrs, [[February 5]]; Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[February 7]], Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[February 8]]; Philaret the New Hieromartyr, [[February 22]]; Alexander, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[March 1]]; Vladimir the Martyr, [[March 8]]; Victor the priest and New Hieromartyr, [[March 17]]; Gabriel the New Martyr, [[April 9]]; Demetrius the Martyr, [[April 10]]; Theodore, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 17]]; Tamara the martyr, [[April 18]]; Demetrius the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 19]]; Demetrius the Martyr, [[April 22]]; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[May 4]]; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[May 18]]; Michael, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[May 22]]; Hermogenas the Martyr, [[May 28]]; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[May 30]]; Barlaam Riaschentsov the priest, new hieromartyr, [[June 8]]; [[Joanikije (Lipovac) of Montenegro]], [[July 20]]; Nicetas the new martyr, [[June 21]]; Alexis, deacon, New Hieromartyr, [[July 1]]; Nicholas the confessors, priest, [[July 24]]; Theodore Tonkovid, priest of Lovets (Pskov), New Hieromartyr, [[July 25]], Ignatius of Jablechna (Chelm and Podlasie, Poland), new hieromartyr, [[July 28]]; Basil (Preobrazhensky), bishop of Kineshma, New Hieromartyr, [[August 13]]; Ignatius, New Martyr, [[August 21]]; Gorazd of Prague, Bohemia and Moravo-Cilezsk, Martyr, [[August 22]], Helen, the Virgin-Martyr, [[September 4]]; Alexander, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 9]]; Nicolas, deacon, Hieromartyr, [[September 11]] Sergius, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 16]] Basil, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 21]]; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 7]]; Barlaam, the New Hieromartyr, [[October 8]]; Demetrius the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 15]]; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 16]]; Euphrosyne the Venerable, [[October 23]]; Mathew the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[October 30]]; Sergius, deacon, New Hieromartyr, [[November 3]]; [[Maria Skobtsova |Elias Fondaminskii]], priest, murdered by Nazis, [[November 6]]; Theoctista, the Virgin-martyr, [[November 10]]; Boris, New Hieromartyr, [[November 12Gregory (Peradze) of Georgia, Archimandrite, who suffered in Auschwitz, Poland]]; (b 1899), New Martyr, [[November 23]]; Boris, Marty, [[December 2]]; Sergius, deacon, New Hieromartyr, and Virgin-martyr Vera, [[December 18]];Hieromartyr Sergius priest [[December 24]].
*1943 Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[January 9]]; Sergius the priest and New Hieromartyr, [[March 12]]; John the Martyr, [[April 4]]; James the priest, New Hieromartyr, [[April 6]]; Sergius Zacharczuk Priest of Nabroz (Chelm and Podlasie, Poland), New Hieromartyr, [[April 23]]; Nicolas the deacon, New Hieromartyr, [[May 4]]; Nicolas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[June 5]]; Pelagia the Martyr, [[June 17]]; Theodore the New martyr, [[July 6]] Paul Szwajko the Priest and Joanna the Presbytera, of Graboviec (Chelm and Podlasie, Poland), [[August 15]]; Alexandra, Virgin-martyr, [[September 17]]; Seraphim (Zagorovsky), confessor Hieromonk of Kharkov, Martyr, [[September 30]];
*1943-44 Hundreds of Orthodox priests of the [[Church of Ukraine|Ukrainian Orthodox Church]] eliminated, tortured and drowned by Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - [[w:Ukrainian Insurgent Army|Ukrainian Rebel Army]], aided by [[Eastern Catholic Churches|Uniate]] Metr. Josyf Slipyj who was a spiritual leader of Nazi military units that were later condemned by the Nuremberg tribunal, and who was imprisoned by Soviet authorities for aiding the UPA.
*1944 [[Ekvtime the Confessor|Ekvtime]] (Kereselidze) the Confessor, of Georgia, [[January 20]]; [[Demetrius Klepinine]], priest in Paris, died at Ravensbruck prison camp, Germany, hieromartyr, [[January 27]]; Leo Korobczuk, priest in Laskov (Chelm and Podlasie, Poland), New Hieromartyr, [[February 25]]; [[Nicholas Holz]], Priest in Novosiolki (Chelm and Podlasie, Poland), New Hieromartyr, [[March 20]]; Peter Ochryzko, Priest in Chartoviec (Chelm and Podlasie, Poland), New Hieromartyr, [[March 28]]; Macarius the schema-bishop of ‘’St. Macarius the Roman’’ Monastery, near Lezna, New Hieromartyr, [[April 1]]; Pelagea the martyr, [[June 13]]; Joh the Martyr, [[June 30]]; George Skobtsov, martyr, son of St. [[Maria Skobtsova]], [[July 20]]; Pelagia, New Hieromartyr, [[October 21]]
*1945-90 Persecution of the [[Church of Albania|Orthodox Church in Albania]].
*1946 Seraphim, New Hieromartyr, [[August 24]];
*1947 [[Alexis (Kabaliuk) of Carpathia|Alexei Kabalyiuk]], <ref>Saint [[Alexis (Kabaliuk) of Carpathia]] was glorified by the [[Church of Ukraine]] ([[Moscow Patriarchate]]) in 2001. His relics are in Iza of the Ukraine.</ref> Apostle and 1st Saint of Carpatho-Russia [[December 2]].
*1948 Sergius Serebriansky, archbishop and confessor, [[March 23]]; [[Savvas the New of Kalymnos]], [[April 7]]; Nicholas, confessor, priest, [[November 18]]; Anna and Tatiana, confessors, [[December 10]];
*1949 [[Seraphim of Viritsa]], [[March 21]].
*1950 Death of Venerable Laurence of Chernigov, [[January 11]], Sergius, priest confessor, [[December 5]];
*1951 John the confessors, priest, [[July 24]];
*1952 Matrona the Blind of Moscow, born in 1885, [[April 19]]; Demetrius, confessor, priest, [[August 27]]; Paraskeva, Venerable confessor, [[November 22]];
*1953 [[Euthymius of Tbilisi| Euthymius]] (Taqaishvili) the Man of God of Tbilisi, [[January 3]]; Peter the Deacon, New Hieromartyr, [[September 3]];
*1954 Thecla the confessor, [[December 10]];
*1955 Nicholas, mitropolitan confessor of Alma-Ata, New Hieromartyr, [[October 12]]
*1956 [[Nikolai Velimirovic]], [[March 18]].
*1957 John (Maisuradze), confessor of Georgia, [[January 21]], Raphael the confessor, Venerable, [[June 6]];
*1958 Anna, Venerable confessor, [[December 10]];
*1959 Elder [[Joseph the Hesychast]] (1898-1959); Elder [[George (Karslidis) of Drama]] (1901-1959), [[November 4]]; Gabriel the venarable confessor, [[October 5]];
*1960 [[Symeon of Pskov| Symeon]] of the Pskov Caves, Venerable, [[January 5]]; George-John (Mkheidze) of [[Georgia]], [[January 21]]; [[Anthimos of Chios]] [[February 15]]; John (Iacob) the Romanian (the Chozebite) [[August 5]]; Gregory, confessor, [[December 3]];
*1961 John the confessor, venerable, [[January 14]]; [[Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky) of Simferopol and Crimea|Luke]], hierarch-surgeon of Simferopol and Crimea, confessor, (b. 1877), [[May 29]], Alexander, Venerable, confessor, [[August 14]];
*1962 Athanasius (Sakharov) the Confessor, bishop of Kovrov, [[October 15]];
*1963 Matrona the Confessor of Diveyevo, [[October 25]];
*1964 Kuksha of Odessa, (b. 1875), venerable confessor, [[September 16December 11]]; [[Varnava Nastic]] of Bosnia, New Hiero-confessor, [[November 12]]; Elder [[Gervasius of Patras]] (1877-1964) ,
*1966 [[Sebastian of Optina |Sebastian]], Elder of Optina and Karaganda, [[April 6]]; [[John (Maximovitch) the Wonderworker]], Archbishop of Shanghai and San Fransisco, [[July 2]]. [[Ieronymos of Aegina]], (b. 1883), blessed, [[October 3]];
*1967 Iraida the confessor, [[July 25]];

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