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Western Rite

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* [ Western Rite Orthodoxy]: Discussion of Western Rite Orthodoxy, focusing the [[Western Rite Vicariate]] (Antiochian). Most active participants are members of the Antiochian WRV.
* [ The Ely Forum]: "Dedicated to the theological and liturgical heritage of The Church in the British Isles, the ancient Patriarchates of the Undivided Church and the restoration of our genuine heritage of Orthodox Christianity in the West. A place of sane, sensible, lively, discussion between Christian gentlemen." Founded by Fr. Michael of St. Petroc Monastery (ROCOR).
* [ Occidentalis]: Dedicated to promoting Yahoo discussion group on the Western rite; moderated by Father Aidan (Keller).* [ Orthodoxwest]: Yahoo discussion group on Orthodoxy in the ''Old Sarum Rite Missal'', written West and sponsored by the group's moderatorEastern Archdiocese of the Milan Synod; moderated by Father Symeon (Bensimon-Kilmer).
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