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Western Rite

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Congregations and usages
Ironically, before his committed and pivotal involvement with the architecture of the current usage of the Western Rite, Fr. Schmemann had criticized it in a response to a 1958 article Fr. Schneirla wrote in ''The Word''.[] However, after his criticisms, Fr. Schmemann worked to establish the Western Rite Vicariate and, later still, taught at the Western Rite seminary in Paris.
==Congregationsand usages==
[[Image:SarumKeller02.jpg|right|thumb|Title page of Sarum Missal, ed Fr Aidan Keller]]
[[Image:SarumKeller04.jpg|right|thumb|Synod of Milan Authorisation of Sarum Missal, ed Fr Aidan Keller]]

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