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=== [[Priest]]hood ===
During the service of ordination to the priesthood, a priest leads the candidate, who then kneels and rests his head on the altar. The bishop puts his stole and right hand over the candidate's head as the candidate receives the [[Holy Spirit]]. The entire congregation witnesses the ordination and proclaims the work of the Holy Spirit by shouting in unison "[[Axios]]!" (Greek word meaning 'worthy'). The bishop bestows sacred [[vestments]] on the new priest, who receives [[Eucharist|communion]] and recites a special [[prayer]]. Through ordination, men who have been chosen from within the Church are set apart by the Church for special service to the Church. Much of the time, a candidate for ordination will pursue preparatory studies at a [[seminaries|seminary]].
=== [[Bishop|Episcopacy]] ===

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