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[[Image:Olaf of Norway.jpg|100px|St. Olaf of Norway]]
</div>[[Martyr]] Kallinikos of Asia Minor; Martyr Theodote and her Children; [[Saint]] Constantine, [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople; Saint [[Theodosius the New]], emperor; Saint [[Roman of Kirzhach|Roman]], [[abbot]] of Kirzhach, [[disciple]] of Saint [[Sergius of Radonezh]]; Saints Constantine and Cosmas, abbots of Kosinsk, Pskov; Martyr Eustace of Mtskhet in Georgia; Martyr Michael; Saint Lupus the Confessor, [[Bishop]] of Troyes; Martyrs Mamas and Vasilicos the Elder in Darii; Saint Bogolep, Schemamonk-child of Black Ravine near Astrakhan; Saint [[Olaf of Norway|Olaf]], [[Enlightener]] of Norway; Martyr Basiliscus the Elder; Martyrs Benjamin and Berius of Constantinople; Martyr Bessarion, Bishop of Smolyan; Saint Sulian, Abbot of Luxulyan, Cornwall; Anatolios the Younger of Optina (see also [[November 12]], [[July 30]]); Martyr John the soldier at Constantinople (see also [[July 30]]); Martyrs Simplicios, Faustinos, and Beatrice, of Rome; [[Virgin-martyr]] Seraphima of Antioch
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