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Philotheos (Zervakos) of Paros

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* In 1934, he makes another pilgrimage, this time to Constantinople.
* He founds the convent of the Theotokos "Myrtidiotissa" (of the Myrtle Tree) in Paros.
* 1976 - Writes an Apologetic [.:: Addressed to Archimandrite Cyprian, Holy Monastery of Panagia Myrtiotissa]]Myrtidiotissa. Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili, is also the spiritual son of Eldress Myrtidiotissa.
* 1980 - Blessed Elder Philotheos (Zervakos) dies on the morning of [[May 8]].
:: His funeral was conducted by Archimandrite Dionysios of Simonopetra Monastery of Mt Athos.

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