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Fr Lev., bless. I am from Romanian Orthodox Church, and I've been part of all these events with ECOF. I've all documents, and met all protagonists. All informations are true: you want more details ?
In France, you can ask every canonical jurisdiction about this. More, you can obtain informations from the Romanian Mitropolia.
Gilles Bertrand Hardy was married with Constance (Nathalie) de Castelbajac in 1995. Still live with her. Have you seen the divorce judgement ? NO.It doesn't exist.
Romanian documents (1993 and 2001)states that Germain is deposed, and reduced to laity state. You can check. Every Church follow these decision, by refusing communion with him and his clergy.
You probably know there are even worst things to say...
You must allow me to write Romanian Church considers Germain deposed, and in France ECOF is non-canonical. We can write that ECOF is not ok with that, considers itself as an autocephal orthodox church, but facts are here.
I join comments from french quality websites like
Please to meet you, from wich Church are you ?
Forgive me and pray for me
Hi Fr. Lev! Hope you don't mind that I changed around your email a little bit. It's amazing how quickly a raw email address put in the web can bring in loads of spam. Still planning to respond to your email from months ago - someday! Yours in Christ, {{User:FrJohn/sig}}

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