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*Abp. - [[Archbishop]]
*Bp. - [[Bishop]]
*DcnDn. - [[Deacon]]*Dn(also Dcn. - [[Deacon]])
*Fr. - [[Priest|Father]]
*Hmk. - [[Hieromonk]]
*Kh. - [[Khouria]] (Arabic for ''presbytera'')
*Mat. - [[Matushka]] (Slavic for ''presbytera'')
*Sdn. - [[Subdeacon]]
*Sf. - [[Saint|Sfânt]] (Romanian for ''saint'')
*St. - [[Saint]](plural: Sts. or Ss.)
In [[icon]]s, many names and titles are abbreviated. This is often acknowledged with an elision marker (like a [ tilde] ) placed above the letters. Most often, the first and last letters of the word or name are retained.
*IC or ΙΣ - ''[[Jesus]] '' from the Greek ''Ιησους''*XC or ΧΣ - ''[[Christ]] '' from the Greek ''Χριστος''
===The Theotokos===
*MP or ΜΡ - ''Mother'' from the Greek ''Μητηρ'', part of the phrase ''Mother of God''*ΘΥ - ''of God'' from the Greek ''Θεου'', part of the phrase ''Mother of God''
===The Saints===*AΑΓ - 'Agios', which means "Holy" '' or "''Saint"'' from the Greek ''Αγιος''
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