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Councils of Lyons

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The second council was convened by Pope Gregory X in 1274 to act on a pledge by the Eastern Roman emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos to reunite the Orthodox East with the West. While the West was represented, in addition to the Roman prelates, by representatives of kings of Germany, England, Scotland, France, the Spains, and Sicily, the East was represented only by the ambassador of emperor Michael and Greek [[clergy]].
Concerning the Union of the Churches, the Orthodox delegation arrived in Lyons on [[June 24]], 1245 1274 and presented a letter from emperor Michael. On Feast of Peter and Paul, [[June 29]], Pope Gregory celebrated a [[Mass]] in the Church of St. John in which both sides took part. During the Mass, the Orthodox clergy sang the [[Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed|Nicene Creed]] with the addition of the [[Filioque]] clause three times. The council was seemingly a success.
The other item considered by the council that related to the Orthodox East was the financial aspects of a Crusade. Planned to begin in 1278, the Crusade did not have the support of the Western monarchs, who had been giving just lip service to the idea of the Crusade and not to committing actual troops. Pope Gregory's death in 1276 ended the planning for the Crusade, and the collected funds were distributed in Italy.

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