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George Maximov

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Now a priest
The Reverend Deacon '''George (Yuri) Maximov''' is a Moscow-based religious scholar and lecturer, noted for his expertise in Islamic studies, in addition to his literary and [[missionary]] work.
* [[May 22]], 2010: [[ordination|Ordained]] to the [[deacon|diaconate]] by Abp. [[Eugene (Reshetnikov) of Vereya]].
DcnFr. George is currently serving as:
* Member of the [[Church of Russia]]'s Synodal Working Group on the Elaboration of the Conceptualisation of Inter-Religious Relations
* Member of the Expert Council of the Russian Federation's Justice Ministry on the Countering of Religious Extremism
* Edited the Russian-language website ''Orthodoxy and Islam''
George has published several works against [[atheism|atheistic]] concepts of evolution, proposing an Orthodox interpretation, alongside a large number of magazine articles and several books on religious studies. Due to many of his publications dealing with the history of Islam and difficulties in relations with Islam, DcnFr. George is noted for his outstanding expertise in Islamic studies.

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