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Josiah Trenham

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==Biographical sketch==
* 1967 [[October 6]] - Born FATHER JOSIAH TRENHAM is a native Southern Californian. He was ordained to the Holy Priesthood in Glendale1993, California to Noble and Leigh Trenhamwas awarded the Ph. One older sisterD.: Raised at Glendale Presbyterian in Theology from the University of Durham, England, in 2004. He has served as pastor of St. Andrew Orthodox Churchin Riverside, Ca. since 1998.: Family moved Father is the founder and director of Patristic Nectar Publications, a company dedicated to Pasadena; member “nourishing the spiritually thirsty with the sweet teachings of Pasadena Covenant Churchthe Holy Fathers” in quality audio recordings.* 1985: Graduated from Flintridge Preparatory School PNP produces both recordings of patristic works as well as recordings of lectures and homilies available in direct download formats (in La Canada-Flintridge) after primary and secondary education therewww.: While studying at Westmont College, met Catherine Christypatristicnectar.* 1988 [[May 22]]: Married Catherineorg). They now have 9 children (6 boys Father Josiah’s weekly homilies and additional theological reflections are published weekly and 3 girls).* 1989listened to by thousands all over the globe on The Arena podcast on Ancient Faith Radio: Graduated with B www.Aancientfaith. in Social Sciencecom/podcasts/History from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Senior thesis on Rev. Jonathon Edwards, famous American theologian and revivalistthearena.: Licensed Father serves as minister by Presbyterian Church an instructor in America. Later became ordained clergyman and on the Board of Advisors of the Reformed Episcopal ChurchSs.* 1992Cyril and Athanasius Orthodox Institute in San Francisco: Graduated with is an adjunct professor of theology at St. Katherine College in 1992 from Westminster Theological Seminary, EscondidoEncinitas, CaliforniaCa. Also studied at Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson2010-present), Mississippi and Orlando, Floridawas an Adjunct Professor of History at California Baptist University (2003-2010) under Reformed theologians Drs. R.C. SproulHe is a member of the Orthodox Theological Society of America, John Gerstner, John Frameand participates in yearly academic forums and symposia.* Received into Orthodox Church. Ordained [[priest]] by Bishop [[Basil Since 2004 he has served on the Mayoral Environmental Committee (EsseyGAP) of Wichita|Basil]]the City of Riverside.*1994-96: Assistant pastor at St. Athanasius Father Josiah has also served as a member of the Secretariat of the Assembly of Orthodox Christian Church, Santa BarbaraBishops in the United States since its inception in May, California2010. Also taught religion at Bishop Diego Garcia Catholic High School Father Josiah was married in Santa Barbara1988, and has ten children.* 1997: Resident priest at Father Josiah’s books and articles have been published by St. Herman Press, New Rome Press, Zoe Press, St. Innocent Vladimir’s Orthodox Orphanage in RosaritoTheological Journal, MexicoLogos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, living there with his family.* 1998The Journal of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, CIVA: Rector The Journal of StChristians in the Visual Arts, Divine Ascent, The Word Magazine, OrthodoxyToday. Andrew org, American Orthodox Christian ChurchInstitute, Sourozh, (Vatopaidi Monastery), RiversideEastern Churches Review, Californiaand more.* 2003: Elevated to Archpriest Father Josiah has been interviewed by Bishop [[Joseph Fox News, Voice of Russia Radio (VR), Russian Television (Al-ZehlaouiRT) , Ancient Faith Radio, Culture Shocks: The Radio Show of Americans United for the Separation of Los Angeles|Joseph]]Church and State, and numerous local news outlets: ABC, NBC, KTLA, 590 AM talk radio, and more.* 2004: Graduated Father Josiah has conducted interviews for his own podcast with Ph.D. in Theology from University numerous religious leaders of Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant traditions including Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of DurhamOxford, England, Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church, San Diego, and Prof. Studied under FrWesley Hill of Trinity Seminary, PA. [[Andrew Louth]] Father Josiah has conducted numerous diocesan, parish, professor of patristicsand clergy retreats and seminars for every Orthodox Christian jurisdiction in America and in Canada. Dissertation on ''Marriage He has also spoken at numerous colleges and Virginity according to universities including Westmont College, St John Chrysostom''. At 2009Katherine College, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, dissertation under contract to be published by St. Herman Press as ''Terrestrial Angels: Marriage and Virginity according to Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, St. John Chrysostom''Paul University, with a popularization and expansion planned under ''God's Gifts: Marriage, Monasticism and Sexuality according to the Patristic Tradition''.* 2004-present: Served as Adjunct Professor of History at California Baptist University (Riverside, California). Teaches courses each year including ''The Cross and the Crescent: Christianity and Islam'' and ''The History of California''. Also participates in yearly academic forums and symposiaSan Jacinto Community College, and conducts numerous parish retreats each year through United States and Canadamore
===Other information===
*[http://wwwsaintandrew.stmarysocanet/ St. Andrew Orthodox Church].*[ Nectar Publications].pdf]

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