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ShenLazar, how are conditions for the Albanian church these days? Do you have any links to YouTube videos of the liturgy being celebrated in Albanian, either in Albania or Abroad? I've only found a few videos; I would really like to experience the revived Albanian tradition. The fact that it survived in Albania in spite of Hoxha shows the divine hand of our Lord at work, ensuring the gates of Hell cannot be opened towards it, even by someone as committed to our destruction as Enver Hoxha.
By the way, what do the Albanian Orthodox think of King Zog? Did he treat them well? Also, what is the general feeling about Mother Teresa?
At any rate, God bless you! Feel free to delete this from your talk page and move this convo to my talk page if that is convenient.
[[User:Wgw|Wgw]] 18:45, December 26, 2013 (PST)
Sorry for the late response. Life is busy unfortunately.
I haven't seen much videos about the Orthodox Church in Albania. However, I would recommend the book: Resurrection The Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania. When it comes to King Zog, Albanians generally look back to King Zog as an important figure in the Albanian national identity. I as a monarchist, am a supporter of the Zog Dynasty, but as an Orthodox, am not a supporters as he greatly secularized the country. This secularization, couple with the atheist state of Enver Hoxha, make it truly amazing to see that Orthodoxy even survived in Albania.
When it comes to Mother Teresa, I can't put it more simply than this: Albanians love her.
[[User:ShenLazar|ShenLazar]] 17:43, May 6, 2014 (PDT)

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