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Nicephorus the Leper

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Our venerable father '''Nicephorus the Leper''' (1890-1964) lived in the twentieth century as a [[monk]] in the leper colony of Chios. He was a [[disciple]] of St. [[Anthimus Anthimos of Chios]]. The [[holy Synod of Constantinople]] of the [[Ecumenical Patriarch]]ate in Constantinople glorified St. Nicephorus and added him to the calendar of commemorations on December 1, 2012. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[January 4]].
== Hymns ==
*Hymns and photos: [ Mystagogy (John Sanidopoulos)].
*Announcement (in Greek): [ Φος Φαναριου].
*[ The Righteous Nikephoros the Leper] from the Metropolis of Kisamos and Selinon ([[Archdiocese of Crete]])
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