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Peter (Karevski) of Prespa

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==Return to Macedonia and episcopacy==
After his return to Macedonia Fr. Jovan became a professor at St. Clement of Ohrid's Theological Seminary in Skopje, latter later also holding various pastorates in Macedonia. In June 1980 Fr. Jovan was tonsured [[tonsure]]d a [[monk ]] with the name Petar (a variation of Peter), and in 1981 was elected Metropolitan of Prespa and Bitola. On [[June 14]], 1981 Fr. Petar was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated ]] to the episcopacy and [[enthronement|enthroned ]] the next day in Bitola's Cathedral of St. Demetrius. In 1995 Metropolitan Peter was appointed administrator of the Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand.
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