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Christina of Tyre

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[[Saint]] Christina lived during the third century. She was born into a wealthy family. Her father was Governor of Tyrea general named Urban. Christina was graced with great beauty and many men asked her father for her hand in [[marriage]]. He refused their offers because he wished for her to become a pagan priestess and so he locked her in a room tower where he had set up idols and ordered her to offer incense to them.
In her solitude, Christina meditated on the beauty of creation and the therefore infinite beauty of its Creator. From her roomtower, she was delighted by the stars of the heavens, and was convinced that the voiceless and inanimate idols in her room could not create anything, being themselves created by human hands. She began to pray to the One [[God]] with tears, entreating Him to reveal Himself. Her soul blazed with love for the Unknown God, and she intensified her prayer all the more, combining it with fasting.
God revealed Himself to Christina through an [[Angels|angel]], who instructed her in the true faith in [[Christ]]. The angel, called her a bride of Christ and told her that she would suffer for her faith. Christina smashed all the idols in her room and threw them out the window. Shortly thereafter, Christina’s father visited her and questioned her about the whereabouts of the idols. She remained silent. Her father then learnt that Christina had destroyed the idols from her servants.
That night, an angel, appeared and healed her wounds and strengthened her with food. Seeing her unharmed, her father gave orders to drown her in the sea. A large stone was tied around her and she was cast into the ocean. However, the stone sunk to the bottom and she miraculously came out of the water and reappeared before her father. Her father ascribed this event to sorcery, and he decided to execute her in the morning. However, that same night, he suddenly died.
Governor Dion was sent in his place. Dion ordered Christina to renounce Christ, but seeing her unyielding firmness, he again subjected her to torturemany tortures. She was then thrown back into prison where Dion thought she would eventually perish. However, people began to flock to her, and she converted about 300 people to the true faith in Christ.
In place of Dion, a new governor, Julian, arrived and resumed Christina’s torture. Julian ordered that she be locked in a red-hot furnace. After five days the furnace was opened and Christina was found alive and unharmed. Seeing this miracle, many came to believe in Christ the Savior.
FinallySaint Christina gave up her soul after her heart, which so fervently loved Christ, St. Christina was executed with a swordpierced by soldiers' lances.

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