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Markella of Chios

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== History ==
Markella was born and lived in the village of Volissos of Chios and lived during the fourteenth century. Her mother was a devout christian but her father, who was mayor of the village, was an idolater. At a young age, her mother passed away, but not before she had taught Markella the ways of the Lord. While her father saw to her education, she continued to live in faith and virtue, dedicating herself to [[Jesus Christ]]. She studied the [[Bible|Holy Bible]] and spent many hours in [[prayer]]. She practiced the virtues of [[fast|fasting]], [[love]], hospitality and chastity. She avoided idle interactions so that she would not come to spiritual harm. Her goal was to attain the Kingdom of Heaven, and to become a bride of Christ.
St Markella increased in virtue as she grew older, fasting, praying, and attending church services. She tried to keep the commandments and to lead others to God. She loved and respected her father, and comforted him in his sorrow. She told him she would take care of him in his old age, and would not abandon him.

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