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Timeline of Orthodoxy in America

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Emergence of American Orthodoxy (1943-1970): 1955;
*1951 [[Michael (Konstantinides) of America|Michael (Konstantinides)]] heads [[GOA]]; independent Romanian diocese established; arrival of Fr. [[Alexander Schmemann]] in the United States from Paris, taking up teaching duties at [[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, New York)]].
*1954 Recognition of Toledo archdiocese by [[Church of Antioch]].
*1955 Founding Orthodoxy officially recognized as major faith by U.S. government;<ref>''[ Timeline of Archbishop Michael].'' Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.</ref> founding of [[Council of Eastern Orthodox Churches of Central Massachusetts]]; [[All-American_Sobor#Ninth_All-American_Sobor|9th All-American Sobor]] of Metropolia held in New York City.
*1956 Dr. Constantine Cavarnos founds the [ Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies] in Belmont, Massachusetts.
*1957 Abp. [[Michael (Konstantinides) of America|Michael (Konstantinides)]] offered the first Orthodox prayer at a U. S. Presidential inauguration in January 20, 1957.

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