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Votive Offerings

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==Sourcesand further reading==
* [[w:Tama (votive)|Tama (votive)]] at Wikipedia.
* Robert T. Teske. ''Votive Offerings and the Belief System of Greek-Philadelphians''. '''Western Folklore.''' Vol. 44, No. 3, Healing, Magic, and Religion (Jul., 1985), pp. 208-224.
:<small>''(Paper discussing the votive offering as employed by the members of the Greek-American community of Philadelphia, based on fieldwork conducted between 1972 and 1974)''</small>
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'''Ancient World'''
* [[w:W. H. D. Rouse|W. H. D. Rouse]]. ''[ Greek Votive Offerings: An Essay in the History of Greek Religion].'' Cambridge: The University Press, 1902. 463pp.
==External links==
*[ Votive Offerings on the ]. The Catholic Encyclopedia (1917), 1912.*[ Tamata - Greek Votive Offerings - Votive plaques]. Exploring 20th Century London.*[ Greek TamatasVotives (Tamata)].
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