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Change to Policy

How can you add that statement in? This site should not be communistic! You just changed the policy to suit your rights by taking away the right for general users to have a difference of opinion with a Sysop! Even Sysops should be accountable for there actions ... not just the general Users! That is the beauty of democracy!

If a Policy is a "Work In Progress" document then this site is a waste of peoples time. In real life, policies are never 'just changed' to suit a circumstance, there is a process in place that instigates a review and approve process where 'everyone' has the right to contribute/disagree to a change! Usually these review points have a set frequency like annually or quarterly and everyone is aware of that time and has an opportunity to put forward what they feel should be altered, or added.

The other thing is, this site should definately show more compassion to human weaknesses, it should ackowledge the different talents each individual has and can contribute ... and it should not only acknowledge and admire those who have the academic gift of writing or an innate ability to articulate etc etc! Policies and philosophies picking up on these "deficiencies" in individuals are irreverant and really prejudice.

Food for thought before this site becomes to much of a "you do what we tell u or else" type of site.

Vasiliki 04:23, June 19, 2008 (UTC)

I am really not following you here. What statement? That all editors (i.e., both sysops and "regular" users) can edit according to and abide by policy without having to give justification? How is that even remotely controversial?
Anyway, policies are not "just changed" in any significant way without discussion (some of which happens between admins on an off-site email list).
OrthodoxWiki isn't a democracy, though—it's an absolute monarchy ruled by FrJohn, who chooses to delegate some of his authority to the sysops. Why? Because he owns the actual site and can turn it off whenever he wants. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 04:34, June 19, 2008 (UTC)