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Interestingly enough, despite the claim of our recent vandal...

For true Orthodox Christians, this is a very dangerous web site. Any nut case or schismatic can edit the material herein and change meanings, change teachings of the True Church, etc. For serious students of Orthodoxy, this site should be avoided...shunned. The teachings of the Holy Church are not subject to willy-nilly editing.

...it took only 36 minutes for his own "willy-nilly editing" to be fixed. Fortunately, as use of the site grows, so, too does the policing of it. --Rdr. Andrew 21:41, 28 Mar 2005 (EST)

About our recent visitor - I had sent him a couple emails asking him if he'd mind if we used some of his materials on our site. He has some very nice stuff about non-canonical Orthodox churches, etc. on his own website. I guess I'll take his post as a 'no'!
I think the wiki concept can be difficult to grasp at first. Maybe he'd be reassured knowing that I'm the one ultimately in charge here and that I'm a canonically ordained Orthodox priest. I don't think we should consider him a vandal exactly -- let's just move his post to a more appropriate spot (like OrthodoxWiki:Meta Reflections). - Fr. John