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(report rubbish, but controversy should be explored)
m (I never meant this title - I am adding a '?' - it's not uncommon for parents of monks to have such feelings because of the physical separation from their children)
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== Real unbiased news story ==
== Real unbiased news story? ==
Inside the monastery:
Inside the monastery:

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Real unbiased news story?

Inside the monastery:




Is this really necessary? Was this report truly an unbiased story covering an Orthodox monastery (as the news director promised dozens of people who wrote and called the news station) or rather tabloid journalism based on complaints of a few misinformed and misguided people?

Hmm.. I wouldn't call it unbiased. There are many other sites making criticisms. It is true that one of Elder Ephrem's books mentions the Protocols, which I think is unconscionable. However, I doubt that this kind of rhetoric strongly colors the life of the monastery. Perhaps Fr. Ephrem learned this from his spiritual father, and being ignorant (in a worldly sense) repeats it. This is bad, dangerous even, but it's just one small sliver of the whole picture. It doesn't mean the monks don't pray or aren't being somehow transfigured by divine light. I think it does mean that just because someone is holy doesn't mean they're never wrong. If people are interested, we could have a brief section containing a descriptive overview of the criticisms and the response from the monasteries. God isn't afraid of truth. — FrJohn (talk)
Reading the report, I also came to the conclusion that it was bin-filler. But, most major institutions have some kind of controversy. One of the purposes, I would think, of this encyclopedia-like site is to put all of this together - both supportive of the monastery, and otherwise. Most worldly institutions are falling over themselves to present their side of the story, and while the monastery is a different kettle of fish, it does have lay supporters that can do the same thing. Athosinamerica.org is the best example I can think of offhand. -- — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 00:21, February 10, 2006 (CST)