St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church (Farrer, Australian Capital Territory)

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St Sava Serbian Orthodox Church. Farrer (ACT)

This parish was founded in 1963, following the split of the schismatic 'Free Serbian Church' led by former Royalist Yugoslav Officers.

The Parish did not have a single building to its name until the late 1970s, when the church hall was built in Farrer, in the southwest of Canberra. Before that time, services were held in the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas in Kingston.


  • Fr Dusan Popovic
  • Fr Dusan Rakic
  • Fr Miroslav Popovic 'Hadzi'
  • Fr Ilija Dragosavljevic 'Okruzni' (1985-Current)


Address: Corner of Lambrigg and Logeranong Streets, Farrer, ACT
Postal Address: PO Box 7038, Farrer ACT 2607
Tel/Fax: 02-6286-6399
Presbytery: 02-6286-3248

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