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[[Image:John Climacus.jpg|100px|St. John Climacus]]
</div>[[Saint]] [[John Climacus]] of Sinai, author of [[The Ladder of Divine Ascent|The Ladder]]; Saint [[John the Silent ]] of St. Sabbas' Monastery; Saint [[Zosimas of Syracuse|Zosimas]], [[Bishop]] of Syracuse; [[Prophet]] Joad ([[III Kingdoms|I Kgs]] 13:11) who dwelt in Bethel; [[Apostles]] Sosthenes, Apollos, Cephas, Caesar, and Epaphroditus, of the Seventy; Saint Eubula, mother of Saint [[Panteleimon]]; Saint [[John of Jerusalem|John]], [[Patriarch of Jerusalem]]; [[Hieromartyr]] [[Zacharius of Corinth|Zacharias]], Bishop of Corinth; Saint [[Sophronius of Irkutsk|Sophronius]], Bishop of Irkutsk; the Meeting of the Mother of God and Saint Elizabeth; translation of the [[relics]] of Martyr King Edmund of East Anglia; Saint Osburga, [[Abbess]] of Coventry
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