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[[File:Raisingoflazarus.jpg|100px|Raising of Lazarus the Just, the friend of Christ]]<br>[[Image:Alexis the Man of God.jpg|100px|Saint Alexis the Man of God]]<br>
[[Image:Patrick of Ireland.jpg|100px|Saint Patrick of Ireland]]
</div> Saint [[Lazarus|Lazarus the Righteous]] (Lazarus the Just), the friend of Christ (1st c.);Martyr Marinus of Caesarea, soldier, at Caesarea in Palestine (262);Saint Ambrose, Deacon, disciple of St. Didymus the Blind of Alexandria (400);[[Venerable]] [[Alexis the Man of God]]; , in Rome (411) - (''see also [[SaintJuly 17]] - Western Church'');Monk-martyr Paul of Crete, defender of icons, burned alive under Constantine V Copronymus (767);Venerable Theosterictus the Confessor, Abbot of Pelecete Monastery near Prusa (826);Martyrs Alexander and Theodore, early martyrs in Rome;[[Theocteristus the ConfessorVenerable]]; Saint [[Patrick of Ireland|Patrick]], [[bishopBishop]] of Armagh and [[Enlightener]] of Ireland(461); Venerable [[Macarius Saint Llinio of Kalyazin|Macarius]] the Llandinam, [[Abbot]] and Founder of [[Wonder-workerw:Llandinam|Llandinam]] of Kalyazin, Powys, Wales (520); LlinioSaint Agricola (Agrele, Aregle), [[Abbot]] ascetic and founder Bishop of LlandinamChâlon-sur-Saône in France (580); LulachSaint Gertrude of Nivelles, Abbess of Nivelles, last Orthodox King patroness of travellers (659);Saint Beccan of ScotlandRhum (677); WithburghSaint Withburga, Princess of East Anglia, [[hermit]]ess of whose holy well is at East Dereham (ca.743);Venerable Macarius, [[Abbot]] and founder of a [[conventWonderworker]]of Kalyazin (1483);Venerable Hieromartyr Gabriel the Lesser, of Gareji, Georgia (1802);Hieromartyr Theodoulos the Sinaite (1822);Saint Gurij Karpov, Archbishop of Tauria and Simferopol (1882); Martyr MarinusNew Hieromartyr Alexander Polivanov of Krasnoyarsk, Priest (1919); MonkNew Hieromartyr Victor Kiranov of Berdyansk, Protopresbyter of Simferopol-martyr Crimea (1942);'''Other Commemorations:'''Commemoration of the Great Earthquake of 790 AD, under Emeperor Constantine VI;Repose of Lulach, last Orthodox King of Scotland (1058);Repose of Archbishop [[Paul Tikhon (Troitsky) of CyprusSan Francisco]](1963). > <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|March 17]]</noinclude>

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