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==Beginning of College==
*1986 Feb: College opens. Metropolitan Maximos of Stavropoulis (Dean of Halki) and Premier Neville Wran (NSW) are present. Tuition is conducted for residential male students only. No fee is charged, and (by agreement) no wage is paid to the lecturers. The Bachelor of Theology is a four-year degree, in line with equivalent degrees in Greece.
*1995: Bp Seraphim becomes new Sub-Dean of St Andrew's replacing the Reverend [[Deacon]] Dr {[[John Chryssavgis]] who later served as Dean of Holy Cross.
*1990s (late): College changes structure of Bachelor of Theology degree to a three-year degree (in line with equivalent degrees in Australia) with a compulsory fourth year of honours or postgraduate work.
*2001 Jun: St Andrew's Orthodox Press established to produce ''The Greek-Australian Vema'', the newspaper of the Archdiocese, with the long-term view of publishing works of the faculty.