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Discrepancy of name

This is an example, I believe, where we should not rely (too much) on what Wikipedia defines as "facts" since the contribution to their articles appear to have 'input/influence' by Catholic, Protestant and Anglican based sources - who hold "different" historical and liturgical details to our church.

I have a feeling, this is the case with poor St. Lydia, who is "traditionally" referred to as "Saint Lydia of Philippisia" (May 20), see traditional (old) icons of her (rather than recent) the words on the icons are "Phillipissia", by our church even though she has Thiateran based roots (Acts), as opposed to 'Saint Lydia of Thyatira" (March 27 BTW, out of my own curiosity is this date relating to the discovery of an icon or her relics?) and the difference between the "surname/titles" in her name alone, has a HUGE impact on the historical differences between the churches.

Thyatira, gives the impression, that the first conversion to Christianity, outside of Asia, by the Apostle Paul would have occured in Thyatira (or Turkey) - wheras, the Byzantine church holds that the first conversion occured in "Phillipi" - Phillipi of the Drama prefecture, which is a Greek city, during Apostle Pauls time was under the 'Roman Empire" rule. Even though Lydia may have come from Thyatira (Acts) the conversion did not occur there. I wont go into a Theological proof of this but I have heard various Metropolitan's discuss the New Testament Epistles so many times, this I am sure - that the first conversion occured in Greece not Turkey. Vasiliki 02:22, May 7, 2008 (UTC)