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{{welcome}} [[User:Gabriela|Gabriela]] 20:40, December 7, 2006 (PST) == ro.orthodoxwiki== Voi incerca sa ajut din cand in cand, parinte. Din pacate cursurile imi cam dau de cap deocamdata. Spuneti-mi insa ce credeti ca ar trebui sa fie de cea mai mare prioritate si voi incepe de acolo. Sotia ma roaga sa va intreb daca vreti paginile de calendar sa fie legate interwiki. [[User:Vandrona|Vandrona]] 15:35, March 5, 2007 (PST) == Copyright template ==Yes, thank you for setting it up for me!! [[User:Ixthis888|Vasiliki]] 00:14, April 18, 2008 (UTC) It stil does not work on This page is deleted by the actual COMMONS PAGE: [ vandal.JPG#Copyright_status]

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