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OrthodoxWiki en español
:Many thanks Father John.:) (re:Kollyvades article)
:No worries, I agree completely. Since I only had a small amount of infomation on that subject from another Orthodox website, I thought it might be better just to list the subject to make it known and let someone else continue, but I see your point and I agree completely. Will try to do a little research when i have some time and redo the article! Much appreciated. --[[User:Angellight_888|Chris]]
== OrthodoxWiki en español ==
Dear father John:
I'm interested in colaborate in this wiki, but starting an OrthodoxWiki in spanish (i'm Chilean)
I hope that we can do a very nice site
God bless you
In Christ
--[[User:Alstradiaan|Alstradiaan]] 16:15, February 2, 2007 (PST)
PD: Excuse me, my english is awful

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