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Orthodox Church of Ukraine

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The '''Orthodox Church of Ukraine''' is claims to be an autocephalous member of the [[Eastern Orthodox Church]] . It was established by [[Bartholomew I]] in 2019.<ref name="ocu" /> This new body unites the [[Church of Ukraine (Kiev Patriarchate)]] and [[Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church]] but does not contain [[Church of Ukraine (Moscow Patriarchate)]] that is [[autonomy|autonomous]] under the [[Church of Russia]].<ref name="ocu" />Its claim to autocephaly has, to date, only been recognized by the Church of Constantinople which created it. Unlike the [[OCA]], whose autocephaly is also not universally recognized in the Orthodox world but which is in communion with all local Churches, most local Orthodox Churches have neither recognized the autocephaly of this body nor entered into communion with it, still regarding it as schismatic, while continuing to support Metropolitan Onufriy as the canonical primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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