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Those who are placed into the [[minor orders]] ([[subdeacon]], [[reader]], and in some traditions, [[cantor]]) are done so by '''''cheirothesia''''', which also means "laying on of hands," but has come to be a technically distinct term from '''''cheirotonia''''', which is used only for the major orders. According to the ''DEC'', ''cheirothesia'' is not regarded as part of the Holy Mystery of ordination (p. 117). The ordination for those entering the minor orders takes place within the nave of the church.
''Cheirotonia'' and ''cheirothesia'' formerly were used almost interchangeably, but came to acquire distinct meanings. Bishops are also referred to as being "consecrated" rather than "ordained," but such a distinction was not present in the early Church (''ODCC'', p. 1189). As "consecration" is a weaker term (one can consecrate some land or a piece of cloth) and its use in the Orthodox context perhaps reflects western (Anglican) usage, some contemporary Orthodox have tended to speak of "ordination" of bishops as the stronger term and more precise rendering.
==[[Minor orders]]==

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