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Orthodox Church

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Current Church structure: added European map, because this part is hard to see properly on the world map
== Current Church structure ==
[[Image:World canonical territories.png|right|thumb|300px|Map of the canonical territories of autocephalous and autonomous Orthodox jurisdictions. Click image to magnify.]]
[[Image:Europe canonical territories.png|right|thumb|100px|More detailed European section of the above. Click image to magnify.]]
:''More information: [[List of autocephalous and autonomous Churches]]''
The Eastern Orthodox Churches of today consist of a family of fourteen or fifteen [[autocephaly|autocephalous]] churches and five [[autonomy|autonomous]] churches, sometimes referred to as [[jurisdiction|jurisdictions]]. The number of autocephalous churches has varied in history. Autocephalous churches are fully self-governing in all they do, while autonomous churches must have their [[primate|primates]] confirmed by one of the autocephalous churches, usually its mother church. All the Orthodox churches remain in [[full communion]] with one another, sharing the same [[faith]] and [[praxis]]. There have been occasional breaks in communion due to various problems throughout history, but they generally remain brief and not developing into full [[schism]]. It is hoped that the [[Great Schism]], with the [[Church of Rome]], will someday be mended too.

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