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Adrian Fageteanu

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[[File:Adrian-Fageteanu.jpg|thumb|right|Fr Adrian Făgețeanu]]Father '''Adrian Fageteanu''' was born on [[November 16 November ]], 1912, in the community of Deleni in Czernowitz, and reposed [[September 27]], 2011 in Bucharest.
He was born Alexander and his father Michael was a [[priest]]. Alexander however followed another path. When he finished high school in 1931 he enrolled at the University of Czernowitz where he graduated with success, being actively involved in the political and social turmoils of the day. Upon completion of his studies he worked at the Interior Ministry until 1941, and for two years was director of national insurance. He was criticized by dictator Antonescu for "suspected rebellious activity" and was imprisoned. In June of 1941 Antonescu freed political prisoners on condition that they would fight in the front lines of the army. Alexander chose to fight and was seriously injured in Stalingrad. Having nearly escaped death, he returned to the path of faith and after his release he enrolled in the Theological School of Czernowitz and was tonsured a monk at Putna Monastery. From the summer of 1945 until the summer of 1946 he was imprisoned for his activities as a former officer of Interior Ministry.
In 1947 Fr. Adrian was in Bucharest where he attended the famous meeting of "The Burning Bush" (a spiritual movement which involved the elite of the theological intelligentsia, most of whom were hideously tortured and died in communist prisons). There he met the later martyr Sandu Tudor (later known as Fr. Daniil) who had a major influence on him. From 1952 to 1964 he passed through the harshest communist prisons.

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