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Votive Offerings

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[[Image:Tricherousa.jpg|right|thumb|Wonderworking icon of the [[Theotokos]], "The Three-handed". The third hand in silver is a votive offering given by St. [[John of Damascus]] in thanksgiving for a miracle.]]
[[Image:Chapel of St. James IMG 0495.jpg|right|thumb|Icon of the Virgin Mary in the Chapel of St. James in the [[Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem)|Church of the Holy Sepulcher]], with various votive offerings attached.]]
'''Votive Offerings''' or [[w:Ex-voto|ex-votos]] (Greek: τάμα ''' ''Tama'' ''', pl. τάματα ''' ''Tamata'' '''; Latin: ''' ''[[w:Ex-voto|Ex Voto]] Suscepto,'' ''' ''"from the vow made"'') refers to those things that are [[w:Vow|vowed ]] or dedicated to [[God]] or a [[saint]], and are in consequence looked upon as being set apart by this act of [[consecration]]. Traditionally the use [[w:Spiritual practice|spiritual practice]] of making vows that are sealed by the votive offerings offering has been common among the faithful in the [[Orthodox Church]], particularly in the [[Greek Orthodox]] Church.
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