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Michael (Filimon) of Australia and New Zealand

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On [[July 8]], 2003, Fr. Michael was elected as the new [[abbot]] of the monastery which election was confirm and blessed by Abp. [[Nathaniel (Popp) of Detroit|Nathaniel (Popp)]] of the [[Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (OCA)|Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America]] on [[July 24]], 2003. It was during the leadership of Abbot Michael that the monastery acquired property from the [[St. Andrew House Center for Orthodox Christian Studies|St. Andrew Center for Christian Studies]] in 2005 for the monastery brotherhood.
On [[January 1]], 2008, Archim. Michael was called by Patriarch [[Daniel (Ciobotea) of Romania|Daniel of Romania]] to return to Bucharest to be an Administrative Assistant to the Archdiocese of Bucharest. This was at the time the Romanian Orthodox Patriarchate established for the Romanian community of Australia an eparchy of the territory of Australia and New Zealand. The Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand was formally founded with the election on [[March 5]], 2008 of Archimandrite Michael (Filimon) as the first ruling bishop.
Fr. Michael (Filimon) was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] during the [[Divine Liturgy|Holy Liturgy]] celebrated by Abp. Niphon of Targoviste, Patriarchal [[exarch]], with other hierarchs of the [[Holy Synod]] of the Romanian Orthodox Church, in the Patriarchal [[Cathedral]] of Bucharest on [[April 20]], 2008. He was enthroned in Melbourne, Australia on [[June 29]], 2008 during the Holy Liturgy in an [[enthronement]] ceremony celebrated by Bp. Laurentiu Streza, Metropolitan of Transylvania, the representative of Patriarch Daniel, assisted by Bp. Ambrozie of Giurgiu and other [[clergy]] of the Orthodox Churches of Australia and New Zealand.
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